Your computer's resolution can be changed to make text larger if you use Windows operating system.
  1. First, minimize all programs and right click on the desktop background.
  2. Then left click properties and then left click the settings tab at the top.
  3. Next slide bar under "Screen Resolution" towards the less direction and click the apply button below
  4. The screen will go black for a few seconds and when it relights everything should be bigger.
  5. If the size is satisfactory, click the yes button quickly, if you do nothing, it will revert to the way you had it before in 15 seconds
  6. If you want to change it back after viewing this website, do the same thing, except slide the "Screen resolution" bar towards the more direction the same amount you moved it to the less direction. (Usually this is easy to do as there are only a few options, if you have to use trial and error.)