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Table of Contents Alphabetically

Abuse and Neglect

Disorders of Abuse and Neglect (youtube videos of Dr. Jim Chandler)


Disorders of Attachment

Dissociation in children




Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (last update June 21, 2011)


Anxiety Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(last update December 28, 2004)


Autism and Psychiatric Medications youtube videos by Dr. Jim Chandler (September 3, 2012)


        Psychiatric Medications for Autism plus Aggression, Irritability, and Anger

        Psychiatric Medications for Autism plus ADHD symptoms


Bipolar Disorder (last update August 28, 2012)


Depression (last update October 2, 2012)

Youtube videos on Depression

Part 1 Introduction to Severe Depression

Part 2 Medications for Severe Depression in children and adolescents

Part 3 Treatment resistant Depression

Executive Functioning

 Executive Functioning Deficits (February 28, 2008)

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities and Learning Disorders (last update October 18, 1999)

Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder (last update June 25, 2011)

Psychiatric Medications in Preschoolers

Videos on psychiatric medications for preschoolers



Part 2

Part 3


 Rages, Mood Swings, and temper tantrums (last update June 25, 2011)

Rages, Temper Tantrums, Mood Swings, and bipolar kids: Figuring out the diagnosis


Suicide (last update July 5, 2011)

Suicide Reference Page

Sleep Disorders related to ADHD

        Sleep disorders

        Sleep Disorders references

Tourette's and Tics (last update January 16, 2005)