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James D. Chandler, MD FRCPC

General Psychiatry

Yarmouth Professional Building    

615 Main St. Suite 315 Yarmouth, NS B5A 1K1           Phone 902-742-6661

How to be referred without a family doctor

If you do not have a family doctor, there are a few extra steps I will have you take before I will see you. This is to make sure that the problems your child is having match my expertise.

(This only applies to people whose permanent address is in Southwest Nova Scotia)


Non-emergent consultations

  1. Fill out the questionnaire and send it to me. Click here for the questionnaire
  2. Within a couple of days my secretary will contact you. She most likely will have you fill out some other rating scales and forms. She might want to get some information about the child from other people who have seen him or her (for example, mental health clinics)
  3. My secretary will contact you and either give you an appointment or suggest someone else in the community who would be better suited for your child to see initially.

Emergent Consultations

If your child is acting in a very strange way or you are afraid for your child's safety, go to outpatients/ER at one of the local hospitals and they will contact me directly.