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St. Ambrose Catechism Class

5th and 6th grade boys


Dear parents and students,


For those of you who do not know me, I am your sonís catechism teacher this year. I have been teaching this age group for about 5 years now. I am a medical doctor and I practice psychiatry. Most of my work is with children and teenagers.


Because there were not too many 6th grade boys, the two groups are combined. The question then became what curriculum should we follow, 5th or 6th grade? During our first period, I orally tested the boys and checked their reading, and I felt it was better for everyone to do the 6th grade curriculum this year. The topic is the Old Testament. The primary purpose is to get them excited about the stories in the Old Testament and to see how they relate to the coming of Jesus, our life in the Church, and their own lives.


To get them excited about these stories, we will be concentrating on those aspects that are interesting to 6th grade boys. We will not be doing any paperwork, and most of our class time will be spent reading selections aloud and discussing them to make sure everyone understands.We will end up acting some of the stories out, using examples from their lives, and doing everything I can think of to make it interesting. We will also be working on praying the rosary.


Since everyone misses some classes, this year I am going to put the basics of each lesson on a web page. Each week will include the bible verses, a couple questions asked by me and the students, and a picture. I will also put up any notices about special events we are doing, and if there is a cancellation, I will also put that up.


If any of you are interested in sitting in, I would be glad to for you to visit, as there is plenty of room as it is quite a large room. If I am having troubles with behavior issues, I will certainly call you. If you have any questions, feel free to catch me before or after class or call me at home in the evening at 742-0428.


Yours in Christ,


Dr. Jim Chandler




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September 21

Story of Creation